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Best Mortgage Loans Calculator For Home Buyers

Are you ready to find your dream home but unsure of how to calculate your mortgage payments? Relax, because with the right mortgage loans calculator, home buyers like you can easily determine loan repayments, interest rates, and overall affordability. Whether you’re embarking on the adventure of buying your first home or looking to refinance, these tools simplify the process, helping you make the most informed decision possible. After all, navigating the intricate world of home financing doesn’t have to be rocket science!

Top 7 Mortgage Loans Calculators for Home Buyers in 2024

To aid you in your quest, we’ve compiled a list of the top mortgage loans calculators currently available. These tools come with well-rounded features to provide you with a clear and accurate financial outlook. Ready to dive in? Here are the best picks for 2024:

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1. Bankrate Mortgage Calculator

Bankrate offers one of the most comprehensive mortgage calculators out there. This tool is loaded with features such as options for both fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages. With accurate amortization tables and customizable repayment schedules, Bankrate shines in helping you understand the nuances of your mortgage payments over time. For anyone looking to get into the nitty-gritty details, this calculator won’t disappoint.

2. NerdWallet Mortgage Calculator

NerdWallet’s calculator is known for its user-friendly interface and in-depth analysis. Besides estimating monthly payments, it gives you insights into property taxes, home insurance, and other associated costs. The visual representation of payment breakdowns helps users grasp their financial commitment better. No doubt, this is a top pick for those who appreciate clarity and simplicity.

3. Zillow Mortgage Calculator

Zillow’s calculator is perfect for those needing quick yet detailed insights. Renowned for its extensive real estate database, Zillow integrates property value estimates, offering you a more realistic picture of your potential mortgage. Its graph feature allows you to visualize how different variables affect your loan, making it easier to tweak your numbers and understand what you can afford.

4. Quicken Loans Mortgage Calculator

The versatile Quicken Loans calculator offers insights into loan types, interest rates, and payment schedules. Its standout feature? An interactive amortization schedule that shows how much principal versus interest you’ll pay over the life of the loan. This makes future financial planning a breeze. If you’re into long-term financial forecasting, this one’s for you.

5. Chase Mortgage Calculator

Chase offers a tool that’s as detailed as they come, perfect for those with complex needs like investment properties or multiple loans. The advanced customization options allow for precise calculations tailored to various financial scenarios. This tool’s comprehensive breakdowns make understanding your mortgage conditions straightforward and easy to follow.


Simple yet incredibly effective, serves as an excellent starting point for new buyers. Besides providing the essential functionalities needed for basic mortgage calculations, it offers additional tools like affordability calculators and payment comparisons. If you’re just stepping into the home-buying process, this tool provides a solid foundation to work from.

7. Redfin Mortgage Calculator

Redfin’s tool is the epitome of simplicity in design while offering competitive insights into interest rates and monthly payments. Integrated with Redfin’s extensive property listings, buyers can simultaneously search for homes and evaluate their affordability. Efficiency at its best!

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mortgage Loans Calculator

When selecting a mortgage loans calculator, there are essential aspects to consider to ensure you pick the best tool for your needs:

User Interface and Ease of Use

A seamless and intuitive interface is key to navigating different inputs and understanding calculated outputs. Tools like NerdWallet and Quicken Loans excel in ensuring user-friendliness, making the mortgage calculations more accessible.

Comprehensive Calculations

Look for calculators offering detailed breakdowns covering aspects like property taxes, insurance costs, and future payment projections. Comprehensive overviews from Zillow and Chase can be crucial for holistic financial planning and grasp all the financial aspects involved.

Support for Different Loan Types

Considering various loan types? Ensure your calculator can handle distinctions effectively. Bankrate and Redfin’s calculators support a broad range of mortgage options, accommodating all your financial scenarios.

Additional Tools and Resources

Access to supplementary tools can provide deeper insights into your financial situation. offers an extensive suite of such tools, from affordability calculators to payment comparison charts.

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Aspect/Variable Information
Home Price $400,000
Required Annual Salary $127,000
Median Sales Price (Q4 2023) $417,700
Peak Sales Price (Q4 2022) $479,500
Salary Range for $300K Home $50,000 – $74,500
Monthly Budget for Many $2,000
Mortgage Term 30 years
Typical Interest Rate 7.1%
Monthly Payment for $500K Loan $3,360.16
Annual Principal & Interest (Loan Term, interest rate for $500K loan) $40,321.92
States Affordable on $2,000 Budget 28 states
Factors Influencing Affordability Credit Score, Debt-to-Income Ratio, Type of Home Loan, Loan Term, Mortgage Rate
Feature Description
Home Price Input Allows users to enter the target home price for personalized affordability calculations.
Interest Rate Input Users can input various interest rates to compare monthly and annual payments.
Loan Term Options Provides multiple loan term options (e.g., 15, 30 years) for tailored results.
Down Payment Input Customizable down payment amounts for more accurate calculations.
Monthly Payment Display Shows the expected monthly mortgage payment, inclusive of interest and principal.
Total Interest Paid Calculates and displays total interest paid over the life of the loan.
Affordability Check Assesses if a chosen home price aligns with the user’s income and DTI ratio.
Annual Salary Estimate

Key Takeaways for Home Buyers in 2024

Mortgage calculators are indispensable tools for anyone entering the home-buying process. They allow you to forecast monthly payments, understand the ramifications of different loan terms, and make informed decisions regarding your financial future. Brands like Bankrate, NerdWallet, and Zillow offer feature-rich options, each tailored to meet different preferences. When choosing a calculator, prioritize those offering ease of use, comprehensive calculations, and versatile loan-type support. This way, you have all the information required to make a confident home-buying decision.

By exploring these diverse mortgage loans calculators, you’ll empower yourself to make informed steps toward homeownership. Leverage these tools to understand your financial commitments entirely, and find the mortgage perfectly suited to your circumstances. Don’t just drift along; take charge of your home-buying journey!

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Join us at Mortgage Rater and embark on a more transparent, informed, and confident home-buying journey!

Best Mortgage Loans Calculator for Home Buyers

Fun Trivia and Interesting Facts

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So, shoot for the stars—just like your favorite quirky characters do—and let these incredible calculators unravel the numbers for you. They’ll transform the home buying process from a stressful to a seamless experience, always keeping you a step ahead on your journey. If you’re curious to dig deeper, check out a mortgage payback calculator for a more detailed forecast of your financial commitment. Understanding these aspects can make all the difference!

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How much money do I need to make to qualify for a $400000 mortgage?

To qualify for a $400,000 mortgage, you’ll need to earn about $127,000 a year. Different factors like your credit score, debt-to-income ratio, and loan specifics can affect this amount, but $127,000 is a good benchmark to aim for.

How much money do I need to make to qualify for a 300 000 mortgage?

To purchase a $300K house, your annual salary should be between $50,000 and $74,500. This range depends on several factors like your credit score, debt-to-income ratio, the type of home loan you choose, and the current mortgage rate.

Is $2000 a month a lot for mortgage?

Spending $2,000 a month on a mortgage isn’t unusual at all. In fact, after considering property taxes, plenty of people in 28 states across the country are able to purchase homes while sticking to a $2,000 monthly budget.

How much is a mortgage on a $500,000 house?

A mortgage on a $500,000 house would cost about $3,360.16 a month with a 7.1% interest rate over a 30-year term. This adds up to $40,321.92 a year in combined principal and interest payments.

Can I afford a 400k house with an 80k salary?

An $80,000 salary is generally not enough to comfortably afford a $400K house. You’d typically need an income of around $127,000 a year to make it work without stretching yourself too thin financially.

How much house can I afford if I make $70,000 a year?

If you’re making $70,000 a year, you can likely afford a house priced between $210,000 and $280,000. This depends on your overall financial situation, including debts, credit score, and down payment.

How much house can I afford if I make $36,000 a year?

With an annual income of $36,000, you might be able to afford a home priced at around $108,000 to $144,000. Again, the exact amount can vary based on your debts, credit score, and other financial commitments.

Can I afford a house on 40k a year?

On a $40,000 a year salary, you’re probably looking at homes in the $120,000 to $160,000 range. Factors like down payment, credit score, and existing debts will also play a role in determining what you can afford.

Can I afford a 300K house on a 60k salary?

Making $60,000 a year, you could potentially afford a $300K house. This estimate assumes you have a decent credit score, manageable debts, and choose a loan with terms and interest rates that work for you.

What is the 50 30 20 rule?

The 50/30/20 rule is a simple budgeting strategy. You spend 50% of your income on needs, 30% on wants, and save or invest the remaining 20%. It’s a good guideline for managing your finances and ensuring you’re living within your means.

What is a good monthly house payment?

A good monthly house payment should be no more than 28-30% of your gross monthly income. This means if you make $5,000 a month before taxes, your housing costs should ideally be $1,400 to $1,500.

Will interest rates go down in 2024?

Predicting interest rates is tricky, but experts keep an eye on economic trends to forecast changes. While we can’t say for certain, there’s hope that rates might stabilize or even decrease a bit in 2024.

What credit score do you need to buy a $500,000 house?

To buy a $500,000 house, you generally need a credit score of at least 620 for conventional loans. Higher scores will make it easier to qualify for better interest rates and terms, potentially saving you money in the long run.

How much is a 3.5 down payment on a 500 000 house?

A 3.5% down payment on a $500,000 house would be $17,500. This is typical for an FHA loan, which is often chosen by first-time buyers because of the relatively low down payment requirement.

How much is a 150K mortgage payment?

For a $150K mortgage at a 30-year term with a 7.1% interest rate, you’d be looking at a monthly payment of about $1,008. This includes both principal and interest, but remember to factor in property taxes and insurance as well.

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