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In Addition to Rate: 5 Best Factors for Picking Your Mortgage

Engaging Opening: Exploring More than Just the Rate- The Mortgage Story

Let’s be real, choosing a mortgage seems like a matching game — trying to pair your needs with the best rates. However, in addition to rates, there are other factors that can affect your mortgage experience. More often than not, we’re given the impression rates are the be-all and end-all. But honey, it’s high time we broaden our horizon.


Delving Deeper: In Addition to the Rate, What Matters in a Mortgage?

Yes, rates are important, but they aren’t the entire mortgage story. There’s more to this greasy pole. Sure, a low rate might save you some bucks, but other factors like loan type, lender’s reputation, and additional benefits can play an equally significant role. Let’s not pin our hopes on just the rates, but consider these additions too.

Factor 1: Mortgage Type – Adding to Your Options

Now take this in, there are different types of mortgages available and not all may suit your needs or financial position. From fixed-rate to adjustable-rate, each has its own advantages and quirks. For example, an Adjustable-rate mortgage may offer low initial rates but can be a rollercoaster ride due to fluctuating interest rates. On the other hand, fixed-rate mortgages offer stability, but may have higher initial rates. So, slap on your thinking cap and weigh up your options. Learn more

Factor 2: Down Payment – Little to No Reduction Adds Up

In the mortgage world, the down payment can be a real game-changer. Most of us think that ‘little to no’ down payment is the holiest of grails; however, a lower down payment means a larger loan and potentially a higher rate – It’s a bit like the “I love You more” fight, the less you put in, the more you owe. Bottom line – think about your long-term financial goal and how a larger down payment today might reduce your future obligations. Understand cost Implications

Factor 3: Lender Reputation: Defer to Someone Trusted

Before you take the plunge, research is key. Just like how you wouldn’t go to a sushi place that smells like a fish market, don’t be shy to dig a little about the lender. We often defer to someone we trust, and it should be no different when picking a mortgage. A lender with stellar reviews, great customer service, and reputation can make your mortgage journey smoother.

Factor 4: Term Length – Your Financial Journey Over Quite Some Time

Wait up, term length is no small fish! The length of your mortgage can greatly affect your payments and overall costs. A term over quite some time, say 30 years, means lower monthly payments but more interest over the life of the loan. On the other hand, a 15-year term could cost you less over the long haul but your monthly payments will be higher. Get it right

Factor 5: Additional Benefits – Why Extras Are Worth Considering Too

Beyond the basic terms of your loan, some lenders offer additional benefits like discounted insurance premiums, membership to homeowner’s clubs, or planning tools to help manage your mortgage. They’re like the cherry on top. So why not! If these benefits align with your situation, they could add significant value to your mortgage.

What Can I Say Instead of ‘In Addition to’?

Prefer a different turn of phrase? No need to fret! Terms such as ‘also’, ‘furthermore’, ‘moreover’, and ‘equally important’ provide similar meaning. Like, “Further to his duties as a dad, he’s also an avid footballer”.


Understanding the Jargon: What Does the Phrase ‘In Addition to’ Mean?

This handy phrase allows you to tack on more information. It could mean ‘besides’, ‘than’, or ‘both-and’, often showing dual responsibility. For instance, “in addition to being a successful businesswoman, she is also a loving mom”. ‘In addition to’ helps you connect additional hints of information while sounding conversational.

Applying What We’ve Learned: How Do You Use the Phrase ‘In Addition to’?

Let’s get straight to the point. Using ‘in addition to’ is quite handy, especially when discussing multiple factors affecting a decision. For instance, “In addition to the type of mortgage, consider the lender’s reputation”. Now, how’s that for a litmus test?


Wrapping it Up: Beyond the Rates – Mastering Your Mortgage Choices

In summary, picking the perfect mortgage involves considering more than just the rate. Just remember, when it comes to mortgages, don’t just go chasing the lowest rate — add more factors into your evaluation. After all, the more you know, the smarter your decision will be. Until the next time, always remember, everything counts in large amounts, not just rates. Understand more

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