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How much is the Death Star Mortgage? Vader is Going to Choke Someone…

Before we dive into the Death Star Mortgage, let’s consider the size of the Death Star. According to Star Wars canon, it had a diameter of 160 kilometers and an area of approximately 80,000 square kilometers. Assuming it is made out of metal or similar material, then its mass can be estimated as 1.08 x 1015 kilograms.

Death Star

Death Star Mortgage Down Payment

Let us assume the Galactic Empire funded the construction of the Death Star and that they made a down payment of 10% of total cost. Given its immense size and intricate design, we can safely assume it would have required billions of dollars to construct. Estimates range from $8.1 quadrillion up to $852 quadrillion depending on materials used and level of technological advance used during construction.

Death Star Bank

Calculating the monthly mortgage payment for the Death Star requires taking into account both its 10% down payment and remaining balance. Assuming an interest rate of 6.490% over a 30-year fixed term, that would translate into approximately $4.1 trillion per year in payments.

Emperor Palpatine Tax

Even the Galactic Empire would have found it challenging to manage. To put things into perspective, the estimated GDP for Earth in 2021 was approximately $87.5 trillion.

Star Wars Ribbon

It is worth noting that this estimate is based on several assumptions, such as the interest rate, loan term and down payment amount. Furthermore, actual costs for building the Death Star would depend on factors like materials used, technology available and design complexity.

Additionally, it’s essential to factor in the ongoing expenses related to running and maintaining a massive space station like the Death Star. These could include maintenance, fuel, and staffing fees which could be significantly greater than just the mortgage payment itself.

Darth Vader Homeless

How long would Darth Vader have to work to make that payment?

To calculate how long Darth Vader would have to work in order to make his monthly mortgage payment on the Death Star, we must make some assumptions about his income and expenses.

Given Darth Vader was employed by the Galactic Empire and likely earned a salary, we can estimate his wealth based on some figures from Star Wars universe. According to some sources, Imperial officers earned around 1,500 credits per month – equivalent to about $55,000 today’s currency. As an influential officer and Sith Lord, Darth Vader likely made significantly more than this amount.

Let us assume Darth Vader’s monthly income was approximately $1 million, which would be an accurate reflection of his status and power within the Empire.

With a monthly mortgage payment of $4.1 trillion, Darth Vader would have to work for over 4.1 million days or roughly 11,200 years in order to accumulate enough money to pay off his Death Star mortgage. This staggering length of time highlights just how expensively-built and maintained such an object would be.

Of course, this calculation is based on several assumptions and does not account for any additional expenses or income sources that Darth Vader may have had. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that this estimate assumes Darth Vader must pay off the entire mortgage himself, which seems highly unlikely given the vast resources of the Galactic Empire.

In conclusion, although we cannot accurately calculate the cost of a mortgage on the Death Star, it can be assumed to be prohibitively expensive. Constructing and running such an expansive space station would require considerable resources even for the powerful Galactic Empire. This fictional example serves as a reminder of the necessity for careful planning and management when undertaking ambitious projects.

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